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What Clients Say

"Kelsey has changed my whole outlook on exercising and going to the gym. I've been a longtime member at TITLE Nash but like many, COVID and quarantine had a negative impact on my physical fitness. I was honestly ashamed to walk into the gym with the weight I had put on.  Kelsey helped me get my confidence back and has worked with me at my own pace to get me into a healthy routine again.  She know how to push you out of your comfort zone while also being supportive and encouraging.  Whenever I have issues with an injury she has modified exercises so I'm not in pain, yet still ensures that I am working those areas to strengthen and improve them. She shows up every morning ready to work and I can definitely see the results  from putting in the training time with her.  Kelsey makes working out fun and I can't say enough about both her training efforts and how much she cares for her clients."
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