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Hey There

I'm a personal trainer + sneaker head + dog & cat mom + capricorn + enneagram 2 + former collegiate athlete + fruit snack connoissuer + and lover of R&B, true crime and a good snuggs.


Kelsey is a personal trainer, group fitness, and boxing instructor in Nashville, Tennessee.  Originally from Vandalia, Michigan, she came to Nashville to pursue a career in the music industry.  While on the journey and through some failed attempts, she found herself working in the recruiting field.  As time passed, she found herself stagnant and needing a change, needed something new.  Which is what lead her to fitness and personal training. She decided to get back to training regularly and decided to get her personal training certification. Through that process process, she also decided to go back to College and pursue a second degree in Exercise Science.


Kelsey Gordon is a multifaceted certified personal trainer (ACSM) and fitness instructor with a background in athletics (basketball and track & field).  Kelsey has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management as well as a Bachelor's in Exercise Science.  


Kelsey took her love for athletics and passion for health and fitness and coupled them into a career in personal training.

With a training style based in science and experience, she brings herself to her work and to her clients. Kelsey isn't afraid to try new things and push you out of your comfort zone.  She wants you to realize your potential. She wants everyone to realize their POWER!

"sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are capable of more than it seems at this moment."

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